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From the Desk of Coach Bobby Link:

I am honored and excited to be the new Head Baseball Coach at Tucker High school and these are some of the accomplishments the student athletes, coaches,, administrators, fellow teachers and parents have allowed me toaccomplish. I played High School, College and Professional Baseball. I am looking forward to having a successful 2021 baseball season and am excited to help the players to reach their goals as a student athlete, because you can’t swing the bat if you don’t hit the books.I have been married for 31 years; Theresa, my wife is also a teacher. I have a son, Alexander who is an assistant golf professional and my daughter Sarah works as a computer code instructor. We have a Great Pyrenees dog   named Luna.


Coach of the Year 2015 Baseball Salem 8 5-A region State of Georgia
Recorded over 400 wins as a coach of high school and college baseball teams
Thomasville Georgia Athletes Hall of Fame
Guinness Book of World Records (hold 8 baseballs upside down in one hand)
Coach of the Year Baseball Orange Park High 6-A State of Florida
Coach of the Year Swimming Orange Park High 6-A State of Florida
State Playoff appearances for 3 of 5 High schools coached
State Playoff appearance 4 years coaching at Junior College level
Sent over 250 student/athletes to the next level college and Professional Baseball
Coached Division I,II, and III College All Americans
Coached High school All American
Coached 3 Major League Players
Played professional baseball for the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tiger organizations
Player of the Month (2) Cleveland Indians
NCAA II Record for Consecutive Appearance for Pitcher in college (12)

The 2021 Varsity and JV Schedules has been posted

Varsity Schedule
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Tue, Feb 1605:55 PMDecaturDecatur
Sat, Feb 2002:00 PMChamblee Chamblee
Tue, Feb 2305:55 PMHeritageHeritage High School
Fri, Feb 2604:30 PMHeritageTucker High School
Tue, Mar 0206:00 PMProvidenceProvidence Christian Academy
Thu, Mar 0405:30 PMGACGreater Atlanta Christian
Mon, Mar 0805:55 PMLovejoyLovejoy High School
Wed, Mar 1004:30 PMLovejoyTucker High School
Fri, Mar 1205:30 PMLovejoyLovejoy High School
Mon, Mar 1504:30 PMMorrowMorrow High School
Wed, Mar 1705:30 PMMorrowTucker High School
Fri, Mar 1904:30 PMMorrowMorrow High School
Mon, Mar 2204:30 PMLangston HughesTucker High School
Wed, Mar 2405:30 PMLangston HughesLangston Hughes High School
Fri, Mar 2604:30 PMLangston HughesTucker High School
Mon, Mar 2905:30 PMNorth AtlantaNorth Atlanta
Wed, Mar 3104:30 PMNorth AtlantaTucker High School
Fri, Apr 0205:30 PMNorth AtlantaNorth Atlanta
Mon, Apr 1204:30 PMWest LakeTucker High School
Wed, Apr 1405:30 PMWest LakeWest Lake
Fri, Apr 1604:30 PMWest LakeTucker High School
Mon, Apr 1904:30 PMLakesideTucker High School
Wed, Apr 2104:30 PMLakesideLakeside High School
Fri, Apr 2304:30 PMLakesideTucker High School
JV Schedule
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Tue, Feb 1604:30 PMLakesideTucker High School
Fri, Feb 1904:30 PMLakesideLakeside High School
Sat, Feb 2712:00 PMGreater Atlanta ChristianGreater Atlanta Christian
Thu, Mar 0405:55 PMDunwoody JVDunwoody High School
Wed, Mar 1004:30 PMDunwoody JVTucker High School
Fri, Mar 1204:30 PMProvidenceProvidence Christian Academy
Tue, Mar 2304:30 PMChambleeTucker High School
Wed, Mar 2404:30 PMChambleeChamblee High School
Thu, Mar 2504:30 PMProvidenceTucker High School
Mon, Mar 2904:30 PMNorth AtlantaTucker High School
Wed, Mar 3104:30 PMNorth AtlantaNorth Atlanta
Tue, Apr 1305:55 PMDecaturDecatur
Thu, Apr 1504:30 PMDecaturTucker High School